Karos Health provides a comprehensive product portfolio for standards-based clinical imaging exchange, cross-enterprise workflow and diagnostic imaging. These products support the transitions of care, workflow and diagnosis across healthcare enterprises.

Our product portfolio enables a user experience that is enriched with clinical content from all sources, in a manner that is simply and seamlessly integrated into your existing information systems.

Our products inherit our DNA for open-standards compliance, security, auditability, serviceability, and manageability.

Easyviz 180x60

Fast diagnosis when and where you need it

EasyViz is a breakthrough product for image display. Powered by our unique adaptive streaming technology, it delivers simple and fast access to diagnostic quality imaging information when and where needed. Employed by Radiologists, Cardiologists and Clinicians around the world for over a decade, EasyViz is a proven product that meets the needs of today’s imaging departments.


Wherever relevant images and clinical documents are needed

Rialto is a patient-centric, robust, leading edge platform that enables the sharing of clinical information in a secure, fast, reliable manner. The Rialto platform empowers healthcare enterprises to enable cross community access to information, facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers and patients. Rialto employs leading edge technologies to meet the needs of today’s healthcare communities.