Publish. Store. Discover. Retrieve.

Karos Health’s flagship is the Rialto software platform.

The Rialto software platform provides a comprehensive set of services and capabilities needed to construct and maintain clinical information exchange and storage networks. Products derived from the Rialto software platform connect different points of patient care, enabling healthcare providers to publish, store, discover, and retrieve clinical patient information across healthcare enterprises. As a result, Rialto supplies healthcare professionals with relevant patient information at the point of care, anytime, anywhere. For the patient, this ensures seamless transitions of care; all healthcare providers along the care pathway have secure access to a complete set of medical information, helping providers make better informed medical decisions, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Why a platform?

We prioritize the design and architecture of products that are modular, highly scaleable, interoperable, network aware, and serviceable, making a software platform the obvious approach. The Rialto software platform is the foundation on which all of our products are based, and encourages the development of common components that each of our products can reuse. The platform provides common tools to configure and monitor our products, regardless of how many instances of the products are installed or where they are located. Through simple configuration, we can enable functionality depending on how the products are to be deployed, and can operate our products on premises or as a service in the Cloud (SaaS), making them adaptable to different business models and customer environments. Through the reuse we achieve using a platform approach, the Rialto software platform improves product quality, decreases time-to-market, and increases deployment flexibility to meet the unique needs of our customers in many ways.

Why “Rialto”?

When looking for an appropriate name for our platform, we came across the Rialto bridge in Venice, Italy. Spanning the Grand Canal, the Rialto bridge is one of the oldest structures in Venice, and is famous for facilitating trade and connecting market places. As the solid foundation for the economic development of the city, and for enabling the connection of people and places, the concept of this bridge resonated with us.

How the platform works for you

The Rialto software platform provides many benefits to institutions and vendors seeking to achieve true interoperability and collaboration:


  • Rialto provides a simple interface for clinical information exchange and handles all underlying complexity required to enable participation in the exchange network.
  • Rialto insulates participants from evolution of the network thereby allowing incremental development of the exchange network. As the exchange network evolves over time and new participants are added, existing participants can continue seamless use of the network.
  • Rialto ensures compliance with privacy legislation and adherence to stringent security and privacy requirements. Access to information is secure and patient details are protected.
  • Rialto has common services for routing, transformation, and security.


  • Rialto is Java-based allowing it to run on different operating systems and expanding the possible use of open source components.
  • Rialto leverages existing investments by facilitating communication with existing legacy systems, as well as leveraging systems that comply with modern open standards.
  • Rialto minimizes new user experience by providing a minimal user interface. Instead, we enrich the user with additional clinical content within the context of the existing EMR or PACS.


  • Rialto is highly scalable and is built upon industry open standards such as IHE XDS for interoperability. Rialto’s open architecture scales to solve current interoperability problems, while accommodating network growth as participants are added over time.
  • Rialto provides data persistency using object-based storage, eliminating the need for costly hardware and reducing reliance on expensive middleware, or SAN- or NAS-based storage technologies, while enabling scalable and reliable content storage.
  • Rialto captures complete audit trails, and allows full analysis of network usage.
  • Rialto provides network-wide configuration and monitoring tools through a well-designed web interface, ensuring that administration is simple and straight-forward.
  • Rialto separates models for storage from exchange, eliminating the need for a centralized authority and ensuring that participants maintain control over published information.

These fundamental characteristics make Rialto truly unique in our industry.