Karos Health provides a complete set of products to create a seamless sharing of clinical information that supports the transitions of care and workflow across healthcare enterprises.

Our product portfolio enables a user experience that is enriched with clinical content from all sources, in a manner that is simply and seamlessly integrated into your existing information systems.

All of our products inherit the Rialto platform DNA for open-standards compliance, security, auditability, serviceability, and manageability.

Each product provides a comprehensive set of capabilities with a specific purpose in mind:

Empower collaboration at the point of care

Rialto App makes it easy to for health professionals to instantly send photos, videos, or clinical documents directly to Rialto using their iOS mobile devices (iPhone or iPad), ensuring that relevant data captured at the point of care is readily accessible by all physicians, specialists or clinicians involved in a patient’s well-being.

Rialto Connect

Cross Enterprise Prefetch

Rialto Connect creates enterprise-wide radiology workflow, including pre-fetch, ad-hoc queries, and automated routing of diagnostic imaging and reports between multiple disparate PACS, VNAs and regional archives.

Rialto Consult

Seamless teleradiology using your existing PACS systems

Rialto Consult provides an electronic round-trip for orders, images, and results between a radiology reading service and client institutions, leveraging the existing PACS, RIS and dictations systems.

Rialto Discover

EMPI, Registry, and Audit Record Repository

Rialto Discover provides for the indexing of patient and clinical information at a local, regional, state, or national level. Rialto Discover provides a master patient index that can manage the links between patients from multiple enterprises. Rialto Discover also includes an index of all clinical documents or images that are available for linked patients. Finally, Rialto Discover provides for a repository for auditing all access to a patient’s health information.

Rialto Keystone

Secure, on-demand communication infrastructure

Rialto Keystone is a secure, on-demand communication infrastructure to enable cross-enterprise sharing of clinical information. Rialto Keystone functions as a Peer-To-Peer (P2P) overlay network that bridges disparate sources of information and information systems, with added capabilities for security, device discovery, management, and analytics.

Rialto Navigator

Web viewing of all clinical content

Rialto Navigator is an open standards-based, ultra-thin web-based viewing application for health professionals to discover, retrieve, and view clinical information from an XDS-based exchange network.  Rialto Navigator can be embedded in existing applications, such as your EMR, to extend clinician access to the unstructured content in your XDS-enabled exchange.

Rialto Vault

Clinical content storage and archiving

Rialto Vault is a clinical imaging and document repository that consolidates storage of all imaging (DICOM and non-DICOM) and all other clinical documents and media files. Rialto Vault intelligently manages the lifecycle of the clinical content, and creates broad accessibility to the content though support for DICOM, MINT, HL7, XDS, WADO, and Web Services.